Mandan City Commission Replay 11/7/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

A. Roll Call 1. 00:00:21

Roll call of all City Commissioners

A. Roll Call 2. 00:01:00

Employee Service Awards

C. Announcements 1. i. 00:11:49

Justin Schulz, Assistant Finance Director

C. Announcements 1. ii. 00:13:31

Johnathan Wagoner, Permit Technician

D. Minutes 1. 00:14:38

Consider approval of the minutes from the October 17, 2023 Board of City Commission regular meeting

F. Public Hearing 1. 00:15:04

Consider variance from Section 105-4-2.2 (d)(3)(c) and Section 105-1-3 (4)(1)(4) of the City Code of Ordinances related to Design standards in the DF-Downtown Fringe District and codes related to Incidental Uses – Portable Shipping Containers for Lots 14 & 15, Block 24, Helmsworth-McLeans Addition

H. Consent Agenda 00:24:45

I. Old Business 1. 00:26:36

Consider Northwest Trunk Sewer Agreements and District Resolutions

J. New Business 1. 00:32:02

Consider Transit Development Plan

J. New Business 2. 01:21:45

Consider Acceptance of Mandan High School Placemaking Plan Final Recommendations

J. New Business 3. 02:30:17

Consider Development Agreement for Rockwood First Addition

K. Resolutions and Ordinances 1. 02:31:20

Consider Resolution to transfer City property by nonexclusive listing agreement

M. Future Meeting Dates for Board of City Commissioners 02:35:42

N. Adjourn 02:35:48