Mandan City Commission Replay 5/16/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

A. Roll Call 1. 00:00:16

Roll call of all City Commissioners

C. Minutes 1. 00:01:44

Consider approval of the minutes from the May 5, 2023 Board of City Commission regular meeting

H. New Business 1. 00:02:17

Consider launch of City of Mandan and Gate City Bank “Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative” program

D. Public Hearing 1. 00:09:18

Consider Variance Request from Sec. 105-4-2 (b) of the City Code of Ordinances related to permitted uses in the DF – Downtown Fringe district for Lots 11-12, Blk 62, First Northern Pacific Add

D. Public Hearing 2. 00:14:01

Consider Public Hearing for MPO Variance Request

D. Public Hearing 3. 00:18:54

Consider Public Hearing related to request to vacate right-of-way of Viewpoint Lane NW (postponed from 4/18/23 CC to 5/16/23 and subsequently withdrawn by applicant)

E. Bids 1. 00:21:12

Consider approval of low bid for the 2023 Municipal Concrete Contract

E. Bids 2. 00:25:55

Consider approval of low bid for the Water Treatment Facility Roof Replacement project

F. Consent Agenda 00:30:20

H. New Business 2. 00:35:31

Consider Acceptance of Sunset Drive Corridor Study

H. New Business 3. 00:55:42

Consider a request for a road closure of 6th Avenue SE (1806 South) for a defined time period to allow the installation of a BNSF fuel line

H. New Business 4. 01:09:22

Consider conditional approval of a three-way agreement for the Big Sky Estates 7th Addition Infrastructure project

I. Resolutions and Ordinances 1. 01:12:46

Introduction and first consideration of Ordinance No. 1425 relating to Alcoholic Beverages

I. Resolutions and Ordinances 3. 01:16:13

Consider approval of a resolution to transfer Real Property by Nonexclusive Listing Agreement

J. Other Business 1. 01:21:22

Public Works Open House May 25th, 2023

K. Future Meeting Dates for Board of City Commissioners 01:22:05

L. Adjourn 01:22:11