Burleigh Commission Replay 6/19/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Invocation by Chaplain 00:00:11

1. Call Meeting to Order 00:01:06

2. Roll Call 00:01:09

3. Approval of Agenda 00:01:18

Under Item 6, add update from Burleigh County Human Service Zone Board Director Flory

4. Consideration and approval of the June 5, 2023, meeting minutes and bills. 00:02:49

5. Consent Agenda: 00:03:14

a. Abatements; b. Applications for licenses, raffles, and special events permits.

6. Chair Matthews: 00:03:53

Update from Burleigh County Human Service Zone Board Director Flory

6. Chair Matthews: 00:05:43

a. Provident Building Remodel.

6. Chair Matthews: 00:09:21

b. Burleigh County Board of Health Schools update.

6. Chair Matthews: 00:19:01

c. Haven Hills Community.

7. Commissioner Schwab: 00:30:29

a. Update on CO2 pipeline.

8. Commissioner Bitner: 00:48:31

a. Reconsideration of 3rd access permit.

9. Marcus Hall: 01:08:44

Update on receiving some money from the State of ND to help with extensive costs from last year's winter storms.

9. Marcus Hall: 01:11:36

a. 2nd approach permit.

9. Marcus Hall: 01:19:30

b. 71st roundabout.

9. Marcus Hall: 01:23:02

c. Request to relinquish unused platted right of way.

9. Marcus Hall: 01:29:45

d. Selection of Houston Engineering for Hydrology and Hydraulics design.

10. Julie Lawyer: 01:32:01

a. Vacation of Easement for a Public Road.

11. HR Director Pam Binder: 02:25:34

a. County Finance Director Position.

11. HR Director Pam Binder: 02:49:47

b. Highway Maintenance Worker II Additional FTE.

12. County Planning Director Mitch Flanagan: 02:52:35

a. Proposed Resolution.

13. Sherrif Kelly Leben: 02:55:21

a. Crossroads Tavern Liquor License.

13. Sherrif Kelly Leben: 03:21:23

b. Request to accept Donation from Fraternal Order of Eagles #2237.

14. Brian Ritter: 03:24:57

a. Chamber EDC Update.

15. County Auditor/Treasurer Mark Splonskowski: 03:29:01

a. City/County Building 1st floor lease.

Adjourn 03:32:00