Burleigh Commission Replay 5/15/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Invocation by Chaplain 00:00:07

Call Meeting to Order 00:01:05

2. Roll call of members 00:01:10

3. Approval of Agenda 00:01:21

4. Consideration and approval of the April 24th Special meeting minutes, May 1, 2023, meeting minutes and bills 00:01:39

5. Consent Agenda: 00:02:11

a. Abatements; b. Applications for licenses, raffles, and special events permits

6. Aquatic Nuisance resolution 00:02:46

7. Request premium money for 4-H Achievement Days 00:05:43

8. Request of support for the 4th of July Symphony Spectacular 00:09:23

9. Marcus Hall: 00:13:18

a. Approve the selection of an engineering consultant firm for the Preliminary and Design Engineering of Bridge #08-115-37.0.0 Project, and the removal of Bridge #08-133-44.0

9. Marcus Hall: 00:15:54

b. Review the City of Wilton’s request for additional American Rescue Plan Funds

9. Marcus Hall: 00:31:36

c. Accept platted right-of-way

10. H.R. Director Pam Binder: 00:32:55

a. Closure of the NDPERS Plan to future employees

10. H.R. Director Pam Binder: 00:35:30

b. County Administrator job description

10. H.R. Director Pam Binder: 00:36:55

c. Commission meeting memo

11. Commissioner Woodcox: 01:01:57

a. Missouri Valley Complex discussion

12. Chair Matthews: 01:17:38

a. Bismarck Tire parking lot discussion

12. Chair Matthews: 01:21:34

b. Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Discussion

13. Commissioner Munson: 01:27:25

a. Lease rate evaluation

14. Other Business 01:40:41

Off-road vehicle ordinance

14. Other Business 01:47:43

Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council portfolio holder

14. Other Business 01:48:05

Burleigh County Council on Aging is seeking a board member from the Sterling area

Adjourn 01:48:38