Bismarck City Commission Replay 4/11/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:02:33

Fair Housing Month Proclamation 00:02:43

1. Oath of Office for Newly Appointed Commissioner, Administered by the City Attorney 00:03:53

2. Public Comment 00:06:30

3. Consent Agenda 00:09:55

4.-5. Regular Agenda 00:10:18

Public hearing on the request to transfer the Class C-2 Hotel or Motel Alcohol License from Dosch Hospitality, Inc. (dba) Expressway Suites to BDH3 – Bismarck, LLC. (dba) Expressway Suites at 180 East Bismarck Expy

6. Regular Agenda 00:11:39

Public hearing on the request for a new Class F1 Restaurant Full Alcohol license for MayaS Incorporated (dba) MayaS at 1601 West Century Avenue

7. Regular Agenda 00:12:30

Public hearing on Ordinance 6543 to amend the personnel regulation portion of the code regarding at-will employees

8. Regular Agenda 00:13:30

Consider the request to hear Insufficiency of Protests on Resolution of Necessity for Street Improvement District SI 572

9. Regular Agenda 00:15:57

Continue discussion on Utility Rate approach and Survey results

10. Regular Agenda 00:43:04

Review and discuss 2023 Legislative Report

11. Other Business 00:43:37

Adjourn 00:44:15