Bismarck City Commission Replay 3/28/23

Open Meeting Agenda

1. Call to order 00:00:07

Board of Health

Roll Call 00:01:49

2. Receive an update from Public Health Director Moch regarding the 2022 Annual Report 00:01:58

3. Adjourn 00:11:29

Call to order 00:11:33

Board of City Commission

Roll Call 00:11:39

Recognition of Milla Weigel for Accomplishment of the Girl Scout Gold Award 00:11:52

Recognition of Bismarck Citizen Academy Participants 00:13:33

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week Proclamation 00:28:41

1. Public Comment 00:31:21

2. Consent Agenda 00:37:56

3.-4. Regular Agenda 00:38:43

Public hearing on the request for a new Class D Full Alcohol license from The Domain, LLC. (dba) The Domain, at 307 North 3rd Street

5. Regular Agenda 00:39:39

Public hearing on Ordinance 6545, a zoning map amendment from the P – Public zoning district to the R5 – Residential zoning district for Lots 1-8, Block 1, Hay Creek Park Addition, requested by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District

6. Regular Agenda 00:43:56

Public hearing on Ordinance 6546 to amend the motorized scooter portion of the traffic code

7. Regular Agenda 00:46:06

Public Hearing on Ordinance 6547 to Amend the 2022 Budget for Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 87 reporting purposes

8. Regular Agenda 00:48:57

Consider approving the 2024 lease from the City of Bismarck to Burleigh County for the first floor of the City/County Building

9. Regular Agenda 00:50:51

Consider approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with Bird Rides, Inc. to operate standup electric scooter sharing within the City of Bismarck right of way

10. Regular Agenda 00:54:35

Consider request for resolution receiving bids and ordering preparation of the engineer’s statement and request for resolution awarding contract for Street Improvement District SI 571

11. Regular Agenda 00:56:12

Continue discussion on Utility Rate approach and Survey results

12. Regular Agenda 01:15:03

Review and discuss 2023 Legislative Report

13. Regular Agenda 01:31:12

Consider the attached draft response letter to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) regarding the City of Bismarck’s preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) changes

14. Regular Agenda 01:39:07

Consider clarifying the motion to appoint Michael Connelly to the open City Commission seat

Other Business 01:41:23

Adjourn 01:47:11