Mandan School Board Replay 9/6/22

Open Meeting Agenda

I. Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

II. Approval of Agenda 00:00:17

III. Public Communication 00:00:56

IV. Administrator’s Report a. 00:01:00

2022-2023 Enrollment Update

IV. Administrator’s Report b. 00:02:13

2022-2023 School Board Committee Goals

IV. Administrator’s Report c. 00:03:12

Certificate in Educational Finance - Georgetown University – ND Cohort

IV. Administrator’s Report d. 00:04:18

ND School Board Convention

V. Consent Agenda 00:04:59

VII. New Business a. 00:05:44

Review and Consider a Motion to Accept the FY22 School Business Managers Report

VII. New Business b. 00:10:47

Review and Consider Approval of an Open Enrollment Application Seeking a Deadline Waiver

VIII. Future Meeting Dates 00:11:41

IX. Adjourn 00:12:09