Bismarck City Commission Replay 1/24/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:01:42

1. Public Comment 00:01:55

2. Consent Agenda 00:25:07

3.-4. Regular Agenda 00:39:06

Request of Steve and Michelle Mariner to release the South 108.02 feet of theaccess easement within Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Missouri Meadows Subdivision

5. Regular Agenda 00:40:56

Continuation of consideration of a major subdivision final plat of Norbs Subdivision,requested by GKNG Properties, LLC., located east of Bismarck, east of 52nd streetSE, and south of East Main Avenue/County Highway 10, along the west side ofMulberry Lane

6. Regular Agenda 00:51:17

Consider approving a revised inclement weather policy

7. Regular Agenda 01:01:43

Consider review and discussion of the 2023 Legislative Report #1

8. Other Business 01:32:00

Adjourn 01:41:30