Bismarck City Commission Replay 7/12/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:08

Roll Call 00:01:49

1. Public Comment 00:02:13

2. Consent Agenda 00:02:40

3.-4. Regular Agenda 00:03:15

Public hearing on the request to transfer the Class E Beer-Only On/Off-Sale License to Tri-Energy Cenex (dba) Runway Express Mart at 1740 Airport Road

5. Regular Agenda 00:05:49

Consider the request for an appeal of the June 22, 2022 decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission to deny a zoning change from the RT – Residential zoning district to the CA – Commercial zoning district on Lot 1 and Lot 2, Block 1, Kilber North Addition First Replat requested by DPH Investments LLC

6. Regular Agenda 00:55:56

Consider the request from the Community Development Department to provide information on the FEMA Risk Map update for the area and obtain direction on regulating development in the Floodway/Floodplain based on the best available data

7. Regular Agenda 01:35:26

Consider the request from the Finance Department to receive the 2021 audit results and the 2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

8. Regular Agenda 01:39:26

Consider the request from the Finance Department for guidance for the City’s 2023 preliminary budget, budget requests, and Budget Committee recommendations

Other Business 02:33:51

Adjourn 02:36:38