Bismarck City Commission Replay 6/14/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:02:14

1. Presentation of the 2021 Humanitarian Award 00:02:23

2. Public Comment 00:05:29

3. Consent Agenda 00:06:12

4.-5. Regular Agenda 00:13:24

Public hearing on Ordinance 6501 to enact a new Bismarck ordinance for hate crimes

6. Regular Agenda 03:19:30

Consider the request to receive an update regarding the elimination of green field/new development special assessments

7. Regular Agenda 03:30:32

Consider the request to pursue NDDOT Transportation Alternatives Program Funding

8. Regular Agenda 03:35:36

Consider the request for resolution receiving bids and ordering preparation of the Engineer’s Statement and resolution awarding contract for Street Improvement District SI 565 and Sewer Improvement District SE 581

Adjourn 03:36:39