Bismarck City Commission Replay 5/24/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:02:20

1. National Public Works Week Proclamation 2022 00:02:56

2. Public Comment 00:04:15

3. Consent Agenda 00:04:39

4.-5. Regular Agenda 00:11:35

Public hearing on Ordinance 6501 to enact new Bismarck Ordinances for hate crimes

6. Regular Agenda 00:15:08

Consider the request for approval for the Elk Ridge Third Addition, requested by Tyler Coulee, LLP, Bismarck North Developers, LLC, Ron Knutson, Henry and Jeanette Albers, and Paulette Thurn and Michael Hoffman

7. Regular Agenda 00:20:49

Consider the request for approval of the Boden Addition, requested by Ron and Ruth Knutson

8. Regular Agenda 01:31:07

Public hearing on Ordinance 6505, a staff-initiated zoning ordinance text amendment relating to allowing data centers as a special use

9. Regular Agenda 01:34:24

Consider the request to receive an update from the Special Assessment Task Force Subcommittee

10. Regular Agenda 01:58:08

Consider the request to receive an update regarding the on-street bicycle network

11. Regular Agenda 02:17:39

Consider the request for approval of amendments to the Renaissance Zone Development Plan

12. Regular Agenda 02:28:20

Consider the request for resolution receiving bids and ordering preparation of the Engineer’s Statement and resolution awarding contract for Street Improvement District SI 561

13. Regular Agenda 02:30:37

Consider the request to receive bids and award contract for Water Utility Project WU 136

Other Business 02:32:03

Adjourn 02:32:06