Bismarck City Commission Replay 3/22/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Roll Call 00:01:38

1. Recognition of the inaugural Bismarck Citizen Academy participants 00:02:07

2. Public Comment 00:10:45

3. Consent Agenda 00:37:08

4.-5. Regular Agenda 00:40:43

Receive and accept the proposed Water Treatment Plant Master Plan Report

6. Regular Agenda 01:09:24

Receive an update on the efforts of the Special Assessment Task Force

7. Regular Agenda 02:35:44

Public hearing on a new Class E Retail Beer Liquor License for John's Meat Market, Inc. at 928 East Interstate Avenue

8. Regular Agenda 02:36:18

Public Hearing on Ordinance 6500, a zoning change from the Conditional CA Commercial zoning district to the Conditional CG-Commercial zoning district for Lot

9. Regular Agenda 02:56:38

Public hearing on a request for an amendment to the Fringe Area Road Master Plan (FARMP) to relocate the future beltway alignment from the curve that is identified through the N½ of Section 7, Gibbs Township, to the adjacent arterial roadways 66th Street NE and 71st Avenue NE requested by Tim Staloch

10. Regular Agenda 03:02:59

Request for five-year reauthorization of Renaissance Zone Program

11. Regular Agenda 03:11:05

Receive presentation and recommendations on Ash Coulee Drive Reconstruction project HC 143 and provide direction to staff

12. Regular Agenda 03:45:21

Consider the request to Hear Insufficiency of Protests on Resolution of Necessity for Street Improvement District SI 564

13. Regular Agenda 03:46:37

Request to receive bids and award contract for Water Utility Project WU 137

14. Regular Agenda 03:47:35

Consider the request to authorize the resolution for the issuance of the Lodging and Restaurant Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2022, to refund the Lodging and Restaurant Tax Bonds, Series 2013, and approve Colliers Securities, LLC, as the placement agent for this negotiated bond sale

Other Business 03:54:23

Adjourn 03:57:58