Bismarck City Commission Replay 3/8/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:02:08

Women in Construction Week Proclamation 00:02:36

1. Public Comment 00:03:19

2. Consent Agenda 00:06:52

3.-4. Regular Agenda 00:11:23

Commissioner Portfolio Report - Commissioner Guy

5. Regular Agenda 00:25:20

Receive the Human Relations Committee's annual report from Sargianna Wutzke

6. Regular Agenda 00:34:52

Consider the request to hear Insufficiency of Protests on Resolution of Necessity forStreet Improvement District SI 560

7. Regular Agenda 00:37:48

Consider the request for construction of Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter, and Driveways -2022

8. Regular Agenda 00:41:44

Discussion of the elimination of green-field/new development special assessments

9. Regular Agenda 00:51:34

Consider the request to approve the 2023 tentative budget calendar

10. Regular Agenda 01:02:46

Continue discussion on Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Utility

11. Regular Agenda 01:47:23

Approval of Limited Authorization to Proceed with Kraus-Anderson for the NewPublic Health Building and Public Works Expansion Projects

Other Business 01:49:15

Adjourn 01:49:36