Mandan School Board Replay 6/27/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:28

Pull item c. from New Business: Review and Consider Handbook Changes for 2022-2023; Elementary Handbook; Middle School Handbook; High School Handbook; Classified Handbook.

Public Communication 00:01:19

Administrator's Report a. 00:01:37

Update on Lakewood Elementary & New Mandan High School

Administrator's Report b. 00:03:05

Update on State School Construction Loan

Administrator's Report c. 00:03:49

RSP Proposal to Update Enrollment Projections

Administrator's Report d. 00:07:58

Tribal Consultation on MPS Consolidated Application

Administrator's Report e. 00:08:44

Sale of Lakewood property

Administrator's Report f. & g. 00:09:26

f. ND Indian Education Summit – Thursday, July 7th; g. ND School Boards Assn. Member Bootcamp – Monday, July 18th

Consent Agenda 00:10:28

New Business a. 00:11:16

Review and Consider a Motion to Canvass and Accept the Results of the 2022 School Board Election.

New Business b. 00:12:48

Review and Consider Approval of the Following Teaching Contract: Isaiah MacDonald – Family and Consumer Science (FACS) at MHS.

New Business d. 00:13:54

Review and Consider Motion to set 2022-2023 Child Nutrition Prices.

New Business e. 00:16:34

Review and Consider Approval of Federal Funds Consolidated Application.

New Business f. 00:21:37

Review and Consider a Motion to Transfer $9,682,695 from the General Fund to the Building Fund.

New Business g. 00:23:47

Review and Consider a Motion to Set School Board Compensation for the 2022-2023 School Year.

New Business h. 00:28:27

Review and Consider a Motion to Thank Tim Rector and Ross Munns for their Service as Board Members to the Mandan School District.

Adjourn 00:30:45