Mandan School Board Replay 8/1/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Approval of Agenda 00:00:17

Public Communication 00:00:48

Administrator's Report a. 00:00:55

RSP Enrollment Analysis

Administrator's Report b. 00:29:08

School Board Committees

Consent Agenda 00:29:50

a. Approve Previous Board Minutes from July 18, 2022

New Business a. 00:30:25

Review and Consider a Motion to Allow the City to Submit a Placemaking Planning Grant to Study Feasible Options for the Redevelopment of the Current Mandan High School Site

New Business b. 00:32:02

Review and Consider a Motion to Adopt the COVID-19 Response Plan as Required by Federal Law

New Business c. 00:33:25

Review and Consider a Motion to Adopt the 2022-2023 School District Budget: Expenditure Budget; Revenue Budget; Mill Levies

Future Meeting Dates 00:43:09

Adjourn 00:43:45