Mandan Park Board Replay 6/13/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:17

Additions or Deletions to the agenda 00:00:17

Public Communication from Visitors 00:00:22

Approval of May 9, 2022 Meeting Minutes 00:00:34

Item 1: Starion Sports Complex Update 00:00:53

a.) Introduce Dakota Star Gymnastics new employees

Item 1: Starion Sports Complex Update 00:03:01

b.) Consider for approval three contract with U of Mary's Men's Hockey facility use agreement

Item 2: Consider for approval applying for the Transportation Alternative Program for the following: 00:05:12

a.) 19th Street SW to Heart River Bridge (Municipal Golf Course) 2023; b.) Sunset Drive west on Old Red Trail to 30th Ave NW 2024

Item 3: Construction Update 00:07:32

a.) Dale Pahlke Arena at Dakota Community Bank & Trust rodeo grounds

Item 3: Construction Update 00:23:41

b.) Mandan Tennis Center: a. Consider for approval revised lease agreement; b. Consider for approval final bid package

Item 3: Construction Update 00:40:31

c.) Faris Field/Youth Baseball Complex

Item 3: Construction Update 00:44:16

d.) Irrigation System Phase 1 Update

Item 4: Consider for approval cell tower lease agreement 00:45:05

Item 5: Foundation Update - Attorney Ruff 00:47:53

Item 6: Consider for approval of out of state travel to attend World Waterpark Association Symposium 00:49:59

Item 7: Commissioner/Staff Reports 00:51:21

Item 8: Authorize Payment of the Monthly Bills 00:58:27

Future Meeting Dates 00:58:47

Motion to Adjourn 00:59:35

Adjourn 00:59:54