Mandan Planning & Zoning Replay 12/28/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:00:10

Approval of the November 28, 2022 minutes 00:00:47

Public Hearing 1. 00:01:19

A request from Pathfinder Investments, LLC for consideration of a variance to Section 105-1-6 of the City Code of Ordinances related to off street parking requirements for a project titled Mandan Retail and Coffee Shop. Said property is Mandan Proper Replat Lots 16-18, Block 1 in Section 27, Township 139, Range 81 in City of Mandan, Morton County, North Dakota. The property is located at 601 1st Street NE

Public Hearing 2. 00:21:10

A request from Amy Haugen/Little Flower Nido & Toddler Montessori Program for consideration of a Special Use Permit for a childcare facility to be named Little Flower Nido & Toddler Montessori Program. Said property is Lot 2, Block 1, Evergreen Heights 3rd Addition in Section 35, Township 139N, Range 81W in City of Mandan, Morton County, North Dakota. The property is addressed 1601 Highway 1806 South

Public Hearing 3. 00:30:26

A request from City of Mandan for consideration of a Land Use and Transportation Plan Amendment in Northwest Mandan

Other Business 1. 01:26:58

Consider appointing a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary for 2023

Other Business 2. 01:29:01

2023 Meeting Dates

Other Business 3. 01:30:00

Consider Title VI Survey

Adjourn 01:32:18