Mandan Planning & Zoning Replay 5/23/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Roll Call 00:00:10

Approval of the April 25, 2022 Meeting Minutes 00:00:42

Public Hearing #1 00:01:13

A request from Isaiah and Ruth MacDonald for consideration of a Variance from Section 105-1-2 (5, A, 3) and Section 105-3-9 (10) of the City Code of Ordinances related to setbacks for Accessory buildings. Said property is Lot 11, Block 46, Mandan Proper Addition. The property is located in west Mandan, south of 3rd Street NW on the east side of 6th Avenue NW.

Public Hearing #2 00:16:44

A request from JLJ Developers for consideration of a Preliminary Plat and Special Use Permit for a subdivision to be titled Mandan Industrial Park 11th Addition. Said property is Lots 3-6, Block 1, Mandan Industrial Park 10th Addition to the City of Mandan, Morton County, North Dakota in Section 17, Township 138N, Range 81W. The property is located in northwest Mandan, south of Old Red Trail and west of 30th Avenue NW.

Public Hearing #3 00:33:47

A request from the Engineering and Planning Department for consideration of a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Sections 101-1-3, 105-3-5, 105-3-6, 105-3-7 and 105-3-12 related to Definitions, R7 – Residential District, R4 – Residential District, R3.2 – Residential District, CB – Commercial District and an Ordinance to enact Section 105-4-7 of the Mandan Municipal Code related to the Lower Heart River Water Resource District Levee Buffer and Overlay District.

Motion to Adjourn 00:49:12

Adjourn 00:49:22