Bismarck City Commission Replay 1/11/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:03:03

1. Public Comment 00:03:34

2. Consent Agenda 00:03:54

3-4. Regular Agenda 00:10:15

Receive Snow Removal Equipment Building Concept Study at the Bismarck Airport.

5. Regular Agenda 00:39:16

Public hearing on Ordinance 6494, a request for the annexation of Lots 18-27 and 29-32, Block 1; Lots 2-8, Block 4; and Lots 8-10, Block 8, Clear Sky Addition and a portion of Holmes Drive adjacent to Lot 8, Block 4 and Lots 8-10, Block 8, Clear Sky Addition, requested by FRF Investments, LLP

6. Regular Agenda 00:42:24

Consider the request from the Community Development Department for the South Meadows Third Addition submitted by Investcore, Inc

7. Regular Agenda 00:46:09

Consider the application of abatement for BHI Hospitality LLC at 3903 State St. for 2020 and 2021

8. Regular Agenda 00:57:11

Consider the application of abatement for Peterson Hospitality LLC at 1421 Skyline Blvd for 2019, 2020, and 2021

9. Regular Agenda 00:59:44

Consider approval of Memorandum of Understanding with Bird Rides, Inc. to operate stand-up electric scooter sharing within the City of Bismarck right of way

10. Regular Agenda 01:08:28

Request Concurrence for Staff to Amend the City of Bismarck Code of Ordinances Title 14 Zoning Allowing for Data Centers

11. Regular Agenda 01:20:35

Discussion on Utility Operations project needs, funding approach, and timing

Other Business 01:54:40

Adjourn 01:56:20