Burleigh Commission Replay 1/3/22

Open Meeting Agenda

Invocation by Chaplain 00:00:05

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:54

Roll Call 00:01:00

Board Reorganization - Election of Chair 00:01:18

Board Reorganization - Vice-chair 00:02:30

Assignment of Portfolios 00:03:52

Consideration and approval of the December 20, 2021 Meeting Minutes & Bills 00:07:45

Consent Agenda 00:08:04

Commissioner Matthews 00:08:35

Burleigh County Human Service Zone Volunteer request to update visitation room

Provident HVAC Repairs 00:14:06

County Engineer Hall 00:17:00

Authorization to advertise for bids for: Painted Pavement markings, furnished Concrete and metal culverts, crushing of gravel, Township Gravel Hauling, Dust control, and Chip seal projects.

County Engineer Hall 00:18:15

Advertise for bids for SAD #75.

Other Business 00:19:23

Commissioner Jones - Complex Update

Adjourn 00:25:08