Burleigh Commission Replay 7/21/21

Open Meeting Agenda

1) Meeting called to order by chairperson 00:00:06

2) Roll call of members 00:00:26

3) Consideration and approval of the July 7, 2021 00:00:35

4) Consent Agenda 00:00:49

Public Hearings 00:01:10

Issuance of MIDA Bonds by the Cities of Linton, Hazelton, Wilton, and Lincoln for a project in Burleigh County

Public Hearings 00:03:22

Proposal that Burleigh County issue MIDA Bonds for the Light of Christ Catholic Schools project

5) Election Manager Erika White 00:06:06

Requesting approval and appointment of ad hoc election committee members

6) Sheriff Kelly Leben 00:16:18

Requesting Authorization to Hire Temporary, Part-Time Certified Medical Assistants (CMA’s)

7) Budget Review 00:25:06

Finance Director Robin Grenz, overview of submitted budgets

8) Motion to adopt preliminary budget and call for 00:46:23

9) Portfolio Reports 00:49:04

10) Adjourn 00:54:39