Mandan School Board Replay 6/14/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Approval of Agenda 00:00:14

Add letter c. - Appraisals under Administrator's Report; Move New Business c. - Review and Consider Approval of the FY20 Mandan School District Audit after Public Communication

Public Communication 00:01:12

New Business c. 00:01:19

Review and Consider Approval of the FY20 Mandan School District Audit

Administrator's Report a. 00:06:11

Presentation on Indoor Tennis Facility

Administrator's Report b. 00:29:35

Health Insurance Update

Consent Agenda 00:33:34

New Business a. 00:34:19

Review and Consider Approval of the Prime Vendor Bid for the MPS Child Nutrition Program

New Business b. 00:41:21

Canvas and Approve the Results of the June 8th Mandan School Board Election

New Business d. 00:42:45

Review and Approve a Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Bonds

New Business e. 00:47:17

Review and Approve a First Reading of the Following Policies: GBRJ-R - Substitute Teacher Pay; KG-E1 - Use of School Facilities Rate Structure

New Business f. 00:49:48

Review and Approve Student Handbooks: Elementary Handbook; MMS Handbook; MHS Handbook; Brave Center Academy Handbook; Mandan Virtual Academy

New Business g. 00:56:25

Review and Consider Approval of 2021-2022 Classified Wages

New Business h. 01:02:43

Review and Consider Approval of the following 2021-2022 Contracts: Business Manager; Assistant Superintendent; Superintendent

New Business i. 01:04:33

Review and Consider Approval of the Following Resignations: Kendra Gerving–Special Education @ MMS; Ashley Rieder –School Psychologist; Gage Rieder –6th Grade Social Studies at MMS; Vanessa Eback –3rd Grade at Fort Lincoln

New Business j. 01:05:28

Review and Consider a Motion to Approve the Following Hires for the 2021-2022 School Year: Miranda Lowman –Math at MHS; Julia Peterson –Math at MHS; Morgan Scheid –1st Grade at Mary Stark; Rebecca Geiger –LD at Lewis & Clark; Desiree Bondley –6th Grade Science at MMS; Kimberly Chaussee–Instructor at the BCA; Alexis Whitehorn–ELA Instructor at MMS; Karlie Murschel–Science at MMS; Jerad Voglewede –3rd Grade at Ft. Lincoln

Future Meeting Dates 01:07:23

Adjourn 01:07:35