Mandan School Board Replay 1/18/22

Open Meeting Agenda

I. Call Meeting to Order 00:00:07

II. Approval of Agenda 00:00:15

III. Public Communication 00:00:40

IV. Administrator’s Report a. 00:00:48

CTE Program Team VisionVisit Report–Mr.Jeff Rerick

IV. Administrator’s Report b. 00:07:38

Update on CTE Grant

IV. Administrator’s Report c. 00:10:04

NDSBA Negotiating Seminar –February 3-4

IV. Administrator’s Report d. 00:10:47

NSBA Convention – April 2-4

IV. Administrator’s Report e. 00:11:10

6-Month Review of Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Service Plan and Covid Response Plan

V. Consent Agenda 00:20:27

VII. New Business a. 00:21:47

Review and Consider Approval of a State School Construction Loan Application

VII. New Business b. 00:26:01

Review and Consider Approval of Pledge of Securities

VII. New Business c. 00:27:15

Review and Consider Approving Updates to the Mandan School District Strategic Plan

VII. New Business d. 00:33:50

Review and Consider Approval of Letters of Resignation

VII. New Business e. 00:34:57

Review and Consider Approval of Certified Teaching Contracts

VIII. Future Meeting Dates 00:37:30

IX. Adjourn 00:37:54