Mandan School Board Replay 3/1/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:12

Additions to the agenda: Under New Business, add letter c. Open Enrollment Seeking a Deadline Waiver and letter d. New Hire

Public Communication 00:00:56

Administrator's Report a. 00:01:04

BSC President - Dr. Doug Jensen

Administrator's Report b. 00:18:55

Elementary Student Data Update - Dr. Perry Just

Administrator's Report c. 00:32:58

COVID-19 Update

Administrator's Report d. 00:36:18

Legislative Update

Administrator's Report e. 00:37:07

ESSER Dollars

Administrator's Report f. 00:39:17

Bond Issue Update

Consent Agenda 00:45:52

New Business a. 00:47:04

Review and consider approval of 2021 School Board Election Timeline

New Business b. 00:48:19


New Business c. 00:49:03

Open Enrollment Seeking a Deadline Waiver

New Business d. 00:49:53

New Hire

Future Meeting Dates 00:50:59

Adjourn 00:51:54