Morton Commission Replay 7/8/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:01

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:09

Roll Call 00:00:33

Approval of Agenda 00:00:53

Approval of Minutes for Previous Meetings 00:01:37

Approval of Monthly Bills & Payroll 00:02:26

Debbie Lafferty / Morton County Council on Aging 00:03:14

2022 Budget Request

Brent Ekstrom / Lewis & Clark Development Group 00:10:14

Annual Update

John Saiki / Morton County Engineer 00:17:55

Public Hearing 00:21:01

Rock Haven Harbor Rd Special Assessment

Public Hearing 00:24:56

Zachmeier Flats Special Assessment

Public Hearing 01:01:02

Entzel Acres Special Assessment

John Saiki / Morton County Engineer 01:10:17

Three resolutions

Erin Ourada / Custer Health Administrator 01:15:55

2022 Budget Request

Natalie Pierce / Morton County Planner 01:31:13

Request from Timothy and Krystal Keidel for the final plat of a short-form subdivision known as Jared Subdivision and a zoning map amendment from Agricultural (A) to Residential (R) District on 5.01 acres in the SE ΒΌ of Section 23, Township 138N Range 81W

Wendy Bent / Morton County Human Resources 01:34:42

2021 Health Plan Comparison; 2021 Retirement Plan Comparison; 2021 Voluntary Benefit Comparison

John Saiki / Morton County Engineer 01:47:27

2022 Hwy Dept. Budget

Dawn Rhone / Morton County Auditor 02:13:26

Juvenile Detention Agreement

Dawn Rhone / Morton County Auditor 02:14:41

Budget Sheets

Motion to Adjourn 02:34:17

Adjourn 02:34:30