Mandan City Commission Replay 7/20/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

A. Roll Call 00:00:12

C. Minutes 1. 00:01:48

Consider approval of the minutes from the July 6, 2021 Board of City Commission regular meeting

D. Public Hearing 1. 00:02:17

Consider Preliminary Plat for Heart Ridge 4th Addition

D. Public Hearing 2. 00:14:53

Consider Preliminary Plat and Zone Change for Sunrise View Estates

D. Public Hearing 3. 00:53:38

Consider Minor Plat and Zone Change for Lipp Addition

E. Bids 1. 00:57:53

Consider approval of bids for the Cypress Grove, Phase II Street Improvement District Project

F. Consent Agenda 01:00:54

G. Old Business 1. 01:02:48

Consider proposals regarding Mandan Depot

I. Resolutions and Ordinances 1. 01:05:58

Second and final consideration of Ordinance No. 1365 related to MCO Chapter 20 Articles 1 and 7 pertaining to employment classifications

I. Resolutions and Ordinances 2. 01:07:04

Second and final consideration of Ordinance No. 1366 related to the Hours and Time of Sales of Liquor

K. Future Meeting Dates for Board of City 01:08:11

L. Adjourn 01:08:22