Metro. Planning Org. TAC Replay 11/15/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:14

Roll Call 00:00:27

1. Minutes 00:02:26

Review and Possible Approval of Minutes from October 18, 2021 Meeting

2. 2025 Transportation Alternative (TA) Projects 00:03:22

TA Projects Summary Sheet (Exhibit A); South Washington Trail Extension – Meridian Drive to Sibley Park (Exhibit B); US 83/State Street Multi-Use Trail Extension – Calgary Avenue to 43rd Avenue (Exhibit C); Hay Creek Trail Renovation (Exhibit D)

3. 2026 Highway Safety Improvement Project Program (HSIP) Project 00:44:13

HSIP Project Summary Sheet (Exhibit E); Centennial Road/71st Avenue Intersection Reconstruction (Exhibit F)

4. 2024 Urban Grant Projects 01:01:21

Urban Grants Projects Summary Sheet (Exhibit G); Bismarck, Front Avenue & 5th Street Pavement Rehab (Exhibit H); Bismarck, West CBD Pavement Upgrade (Exhibit I); Mandan, Downtown Core Reconstruction Phase I (Exhibit J)

5. 2026 Urban Roads Projects 01:07:42

Urban Roads Projects Summary Sheet (Exhibit K); South Washington – Wachter Drainage Ditch to Burleigh Avenue (Exhibit L); Division Street – west of Sunset Drive (Exhibit M); Boundary Road – west of Sunset Drive (Exhibit N)

6. Planning Study Contract Template 01:25:01

7. East Main Ave Corridor Study Consultant Approval 01:38:44

8. TAC Meeting Format & Location Discussion 01:43:07

9. 2022 Urban Rail/Highway Crossing Safety Projects 02:02:26

Urban Rail/ HCSP Project Summary Sheet (Exhibit P)

10. Transit Update 02:03:02

11. MPO Director's & NDDOT Fall Meeting 02:05:09

12. Other Business a. 02:09:40

2020 Bicycling & Walking Survey Results (Exhibit Q)

12. Other Business 02:11:43

President to sign new infrastructure bill

12. Other Business b. 02:12:21

Accelerate North Dakota Update

Adjourn 02:17:56