Bismarck School Board Meeting Replay 5/24/21

Open Meeting Agenda

I. Convene A. 00:00:06

Roll Call

I. Convene B. 00:00:49

Pledge of Allegiance

I. Convene C. 00:01:16

BPS Mission, Vision, and Values

II. Adopt Agenda 00:01:56

III. Focus on Success A. 00:02:18

New Scholarship

III. Focus on Success B. 00:08:40

Presentation of Bismarck Public Schools Foundation Scholarships

IV. Monitor District Operations A. 00:17:55

OE-10 Learning Environment

IV. Monitor District Operations B. 00:40:18

OE-10 Learning Environment Interpretation and Indicators

IV. Monitor District Operations C. 00:43:42

B/SR-4 Authority of the Superintendent

IV. Monitor District Operations D. 00:49:46

2021/2022 Results Policies Stretch Goals

V. Public Comment 00:59:02

VI. Matters Reserved for Board Action A. 01:02:54

2021/2022 Virtual Academy

VI. Matters Reserved for Board Action B. 01:17:25

Naming of New Elementary Schools

VI. Matters Reserved for Board Action C. 01:27:02

Negotiated Agreement Between Bismarck Public Schools and the Bismarck Education Association

VI. Matters Reserved for Board Action D. 01:32:35

Board Member Visit Update

VI. Matters Reserved for Board Action E. 01:34:59

Response to Public Comment

VII. Board Consent Agenda 01:35:15

VIII. Superintendent’s Report A. 01:35:34

2021-2022 BPSF Strategic Plan and 2020-2021 Impact Review

VIII. Superintendent’s Report B. 01:48:09

Financial Report

VIII. Superintendent’s Report C. 01:52:21

COVID-19 Update

IX. Adjourn 01:53:38