Bismarck Park Board Replay 9/16/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:08

Roll Call 00:00:15

Item 2 00:00:29

Approval of Agenda

Item 3 00:00:55

Public Hearing, Consideration and Approval of 2022 Operating Budget

Item 4 00:14:28

Featured Partners and Programs – Gateway to Science

Item 5 00:26:16

Disposition of Bids : Hidden Star Neighborhood Park

Item 5 00:40:01

Disposition of Bids: Promontory Point Neighborhood Park

Item 6 00:58:37

Presentation on Bowden Addition by Swenson Hagen

Item 7 01:17:50

Discuss Potential Partnership with Bismarck Public School District and Others to Expand Multi-Use Facilities/Ice Opportunities: Review Draft Concept for Potential Renovation/Expansion Opportunity at VFW Sports Center

Item 8 01:47:57

Recognition of ND Recreation and Park Association’s Award Winners

Item 9 01:50:45

Bismarck Recreation Council Endowment Fund Video

Item 10 01:55:03

Consent Agenda: Pull for further discussion, the Board Authorization to Apply for Land and Water Fund Conservation and Transportion Alternative Grants

Item 10 - Pulled for Further Discussion 01:57:06

Board Authorization to Apply for Land and Water Fund Conservation and Transportation Alternative Grants

Item 11 02:02:41

Designation of Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Clerk

Item 12 02:05:06

Approval of Bills

Item 13 02:05:32

Recognition of Retiring Executive Director Randy Bina

Next Regular Board Meeting 02:07:29

Adjourn 02:07:36