Mandan Park Board Replay 2/8/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Additions or Deletions to the agenda 00:00:12

Public Communication from Visitors 00:00:17

Approval of January 11, 2021 Meeting Minutes 00:00:34

Item 1 00:00:56

Update on the annual Joint Powers Agreement facilities meeting with Mandan Public Schools

Item 2 00:09:13

Presentation by Burian & Associates with the results of our well iron sequestration analysis; b.) Consider for approval to proceed with phase 1B

Item 3 00:33:56

Consider for approval fee proposal from ICON Architects for expansion of Park Operations Building

Item 4 00:38:39

Consider for approval 2020 budget amendments

Item 5 00:43:37

Second and final reading of Park District revised ordinances: A) Ordinance #1001 relating to meetings, officers, and rules of procedures and repealing ordinance in conflict; B) Ordinance #1002 regulating the speed and use of motor vehicles, mini bikes, snowmobiles on park and playground properties; providing for exceptions and thereto and penalties for violation; C) Ordinance #1003 was deleted and combined with Ordinance #1001; D) Ordinance # 1004 relating to procedure for conveyance, sale, lease, or disposal of personal and real property of the Park District; E) Ordinance #1005 was deleted and combined with Ordinance #1001; F) Ordinance #1006 regulating the use of alcoholic beverages in park property, providing for enforcement, and penalties for violations; G) Ordinance #1008 was deleted and combined with Ordinance #1009; H) Ordinance #1009 prohibiting certain acts in park properties and providing penalties for violations; I) Ordinance #1047 regulating the usage of fireworks on park property

Item 6 00:45:26

2020 Annual Report

Item 7 01:14:15

Commissioner / Staff Reports

Item 8 01:17:12

Authorize payment of monthly bills

Future Meeting Dates 01:17:32

Motion to Adjourn 01:17:58