Historic Preservation Commission Replay 10/20/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:09

Roll Call 00:00:47

Minutes 1. 00:01:13

Consider approval of the minutes of the August 18, 2021 meeting of the Bismarck Historic Preservation Commission (Note: the September 15, 2021 meeting was cancelled)

Public Comment 00:02:20

Regular Agenda 3. 00:02:48

Section 106 Review - Community Action Program

Other Business a. 00:05:48

Discussion on Potential 2022 HPF Grant Application and Sesquicentennial Activities

Other Business b. 00:22:13

Notice of St. George’s Episcopal Memorial Church NRHP Listing

Other Business c. 00:23:19

Update on Historic Preservation Plan Timeline Subcommittee

Other Business d. 00:25:29

Talking Trails Project Update

Other Business d. 00:34:02

Historic Walking Project Update

Other Business e. 00:55:08

Together 2045 – Bismarck’s Comprehensive Plan Notice

Other Business f. 00:56:44

Highland Acres Public Information Meeting Kick-off

Other Business g. 00:57:49

Revised Meeting Start Time in November and December

Adjourn 00:58:42