Bismarck City Commission Replay 9/28/21

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:09

Roll Call 00:02:05

1. First Nations Day and Native American Heritage Month Proclamation 00:02:34

2. US Heartland Global Leadership Day Proclamation 00:03:36

3. Presentation of Esri Award for Special Achievement in GIS 00:04:33

4. Public Comment 00:05:40

5. Consent Agenda 00:07:17

6.-7. Regular Agenda 00:10:00

Public Hearing on a request for a new I-2 Beer & Wine Restaurant liquor license for Noodlezip located at 208 E Main Ave

8. Regular Agenda 00:10:39

Public Hearing on Ordinance 6484 to amend Bismarck Ordinance Section 8-11-02 regarding tattooing and body piercing of minors.

9. Regular Agenda 00:12:49

Public Hearing on Ordinance 6485 to amend Bismarck Ordinance Section 8-10-04 regarding noise ordinance changes

10. Regular Agenda 00:13:27

Fairview Cemetery Addition, requested by Fairview Cemetery, Vertin and the City of Bismarck

11. Regular Agenda 00:17:35

Public Hearing for the 2021 special assessment districts and confirm the assessments as amended

12. Regular Agenda 00:18:09

Public Hearing for approval of ordinances 6264-6269, 6427-6428, and 6469-6471 to create special assessment districts for annexed properties

13. Regular Agenda 00:18:50

Public Hearing for Sidewalk 2020 Assessments

14. Regular Agenda 00:19:21

Consider the request to receive an update on the activities of the Public Information Council and the Citizen Academy project

15. Regular Agenda 00:30:45

Consider the request for approval from the Engineering Department to pursue NDDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding

16. Regular Agenda 00:33:38

Consider the request for approval from the Engineering Department to pursue NDDOT Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding for a multi-use trail along US 83/State Street from Calgary Avenue to 43rd Avenue

17. Regular Agenda 00:36:28

Consider the request for resolution from the Engineering Department to pursue NDDOT Urban Road, Urban Regional and Urban Grant program projects

18. Regular Agenda 1. 00:51:12

Approve the contract with Leo A. Daly for the building design of the Public Works expansion and the new Public Health building bidding documents

Other Business 00:52:35

Adjourn 00:53:26