Burleigh Commission Replay 11/16/20

Open Meeting Agenda

County Park Board 1. & 2. 00:00:16

Kniefel Landing Silt Removal 00:00:44

Adjourn 00:16:19

Call to Order the Burleigh County Commission Mtg. 00:16:21

Roll Call 00:16:25

Approval of Meeting Minutes & Monthly Bills 00:16:57

Jackie Buckley 00:17:19

Request for donation for the Elroy Haadem Memorial Picnic Shelter

Emergency Manager Mary Senger 00:21:42

Burleigh and Emmons County Joint Powers Agreement

Engineer Hall 00:22:42

Seek consulting engineering firm for design services for bridge reconstruction projects

Engineer Hall 00:24:49

Accept low bids for 3 new motor graders

Chairman Woodcox 00:27:15

Discussion regarding the mask mandate executive order for Burleigh County Property issued by Chairman Woodcox on November 10, 2020

Consent Agenda 00:30:15

Other Business 00:30:42

Motion to Adjourn 00:31:32