Mandan School Board Replay 11/16/20

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:13

Public Communication 00:00:42

Administrator's Report a. 00:00:50

COVID-19 Update

Administrator's Report b. 00:16:57

Facilities Survey - Zoom Schedule

Consent Agenda 00:18:19

New Business a. 00:19:01

Review and consider approval of Substitute Teacher Pay for 2020-2021

New Business b. 00:20:54

Review and consider approval of contracts with ICON Architectural Group

New Business c. 00:22:57

GBRH: Professional Leave of Absence

New Business c. 00:24:30

GBRI: Family and Medical Leave

New Business c. 00:25:01

GBRI-R: Family and Medical Leave Procedures

New Business c. 00:25:24

GBRA: Drug Free Workplace

New Business c. 00:26:05

IAA: Academic Freedom

New Business c. 00:27:02

ICFA: Content Standards and Curriculum

New Business c. 00:27:14

IDAA: Career and Technical Education

New Business c. 00:27:49

IDBB: Drug Education Program

New Business c. 00:28:10

IDCA: Summer Programs

New Business c. 00:28:54

IDCF: Cooperative Work Experience Program

New Business c. 00:29:09

IDCI: Alternative Education

New Business c. 00:29:31

IDDC: Homebound Instruction

New Business c. 00:31:19

IDDF: Special Education Programs

New Business c. 00:31:30

IDDG: English Learner Program

New Business d. 00:32:26

GBR: Alcohol & Drug Abuse by Employees; GBR-E: Drug & Alcohol Intervention Procedure Documentation Form

New Business d. 00:32:59

IDBC: Significant Contagious Disease Education

Executive Session 00:34:13