Mandan School Board Replay 6/15/20

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Approval of Agenda 00:00:14

Under Administrator's Report, add letter f. NDSBA DPI School Board Training

Public Communication 00:01:14

Administrator’s Report a. 00:01:23

Congratulations to the Retirees from Mandan Public Schools

Administrator’s Report b. 00:02:20

Elementary School Start Times/Busing 2020-21

Administrator’s Report c. 00:04:35

School Board Election Results

Administrator’s Report d. 00:05:15

2020-2021 Budget Preview

Administrator’s Report e. 00:10:34

McKinney-Vento Grant Application

Administrator’s Report f. 00:11:23

NDSBA DPI School Board Training

Consent Agenda 00:12:20

a. Review and Consider Approval of Previous Board Minutes from May 18, 2020 b. Review and Consider Approval of a Second Reading of the Following Policy • GBRJ-R - Substitute Teacher Pay

New Business a. 00:12:58

Review and Consider Selection of Architect

New Business b. 00:14:20

Review and Consider a RFQ for Construction Manager at Risk

New Business c. 00:16:49

Review and Consider Approval of Classified Wages for 2020-2021

New Business d. 00:18:02

Review and Consider Approval of the Following 2020-2021 Work Agreement/Contracts • Business Manager • Assistant Superintendent • Superintendent

New Business e. 00:19:31

Review and Consider a Request to be Released from a Teaching Contract and Waive Liquidated Damages • Carole Jacobsen – Speech Language Pathologist at MHS

New Business f. 00:21:08

Review and Consider Approval of the Following Teaching Contracts a. Autum Alt – 5th Grade at Ft. Lincoln b. Jesse Little – 5th Grade at Red Trail c. Kylee Spencer – SLP at MHS

New Business g. 00:21:58

Review and Consider Approval of an Open Enrollment Seeking a Deadline Waiver

New Business h. 00:22:48

Consider a Motion to go in Executive Session in Accordance with NDCC 15.1-07-21 to Discuss Negotiation Strategy for the Purpose of Acquiring Property