Mandan School Board Replay 5/4/20

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:14

Add Teacher Appreciation Week as letter a. under Administrator's Report

Public Communication 00:01:08

Administrator's Report a. 00:01:21

Teacher Appreciation Week

Administrator's Report b. (a. on the agenda) 00:02:05

Update on Graduation and End of Year

Administrator's Report c. (b. on the agenda) 00:08:30

MHS Registration Change

Administrator's Report d. (c. on the agenda) 00:14:58

Update on Health Insurance Options for 2020-2021

Administrator's Report e. (d. on the agenda) 00:17:28

ND Forest Service Community Daily Forest Grant Application

Administrator's Report f. (e. on the agenda) 00:19:38

Update on Teacher Transfers

Consent Agenda 00:20:55

New Business a. 00:21:37

New Business b. 00:25:34

New Business c. 00:27:01

Future Meeting Dates 00:28:45

Adjourn 00:29:21