Mandan School Board Replay 1/21/20

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:00

Approval of Agenda 00:00:02

Public Communication 00:00:26

Administrator's Report a. 00:00:34

Health Insurance Update

Administrator's Report b. 00:16:43

2019-2020 Mill Levy Worksheet

Administrator's Report c. 00:17:29

Enrollment Update

Administrator's Report d. 00:20:26

2020-2021 MPS Calendar

Administrator's Report e. 00:21:48

NDSBA Negotiations Seminar - February 6-7, 2020 at BSC

Consent Agenda 00:22:46

New Business a. 00:24:09

GAG: Staff Conflict of Interest

New Business a. 00:25:17

GAF: Nepotism

New Business a. 00:28:14

GAL: Electronic Communication with Students

New Business a. 00:28:49

GBAA: Release of Contract & Penalties

New Business a. 00:32:12

GBB: Licensed Personnel Positions Recruitment and Hiring

New Business a. 00:32:32

GBC: Recruitment, Hiring and Background Checks for Classified Personnel

New Business a. 00:33:00

GBCA: Background Checks Screening Procedure

New Business a. 00:33:55

GBCB: Emergency Hiring of Classified Personnel

New Business a. 00:34:13

GBI: Employee Evaluation

New Business a. 00:35:23

GBKA: Reduction-in-Force

New Business b. 00:36:29

GBBA: Licensed Personnel Qualifications and Duties

New Business b. 00:37:02

GBC-E: Recruitment, Hiring and Background Checks for Classified Personnel

New Business c. 00:38:08

Review and Consider Approval of the Following Letters of Resignation: Ralph Manley, Physical Education at MHS; Pat O'Brien, Physical Education at MHS; Rebecca Tande, Special Education at MHS; Janet Schaaf, Special Education at MHS; Karen Morrison, Speech Language Pathologist at Custer

New Business d. 00:39:28

Review and Consider Granting Approval for the Superintendent to Attend the National Conference on Education - February 13-15, 2020

New Business e. 00:40:35

Review and Consider Approval of Open Enrollment Applications Seeking a Deadline Waiver

Future Meeting Dates 00:41:27

Adjourn 00:41:51