Mandan School Board Replay 6/17/19

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:13

Under Administrator's Report, add items b. & c; under New Business, letter i. (should be letter j.), add Annalisa Rousey, 5th Grade Teacher at Lewis & Clark and Rachel Southam, Instructor at the Braves Center Academy; under New Business, letter j. (should be letter k.), add Dustin Sailer, Math Teacher at Mandan High School.

Public Communication 00:02:03

Administrator's Report a. 00:02:12

Administrator's Report b. 00:03:20

Administrator's Report c. 00:04:45

Consent Agenda 00:05:45

New Business a. 00:06:17

New Business b. 00:07:16

New Business c. 00:08:33

* listed as letter (second) b. on agenda

New Business d. 00:09:38

* listed as letter c. on agenda

New Business e. 00:11:56

* listed as letter d. on agenda

New Business f. 00:14:58

* listed as letter e. on agenda

New Business g. 00:17:45

* listed as letter f. on agenda

New Business h. 00:19:31

* listed as letter g. on agenda

New Business i. 00:20:46

* listed as letter h. on agenda

New Business j. 00:21:35

* listed as letter i. on agenda

New Business k. 00:24:18

* listed as letter j. on agenda

Future Meeting Dates 00:25:25

Adjourn 00:25:43