Mandan School Board Replay 5/6/19

Open Meeting Agenda

Call Meeting to Order 00:00:05

Approval of Agenda 00:00:13

Under New Business, pull letter a. from the agenda; keep b. and c. as is; move d. - Executive Session to (new) letter f.; letter d. is now Teacher Resignation/Retirement; add letter e. - Open Enrollment Applications Seeking a Deadline Waiver.

Public Communication 00:01:33

Administrator's Report a. 00:01:41

Administrator's Report b. 00:05:18

Administrator's Report c. - f. 00:06:17

Administrator's Report g. 00:07:49

Administrator's Report h. 00:10:28

Administrator's Report i. 00:11:01

Administrator's Report j. 00:11:31

Consent Agenda 00:17:23

New Business b. 00:19:01

New Business c. 00:20:37

New Business d. 00:21:27

Teacher Resignation/Retirement

New Business e. 00:22:33

Open Enrollment applications seeking a deadline waiver

New Business f. 00:23:20

Executive Session