Morton Commission Replay 2/8/18

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Call Meeting to Order 00:00:03

Roll Call 00:00:12

Approval of Agenda 00:00:19

Commissioner Leingang added Item #6 regarding extending the period of time for safety inspections of concrete box culverts to the agenda.

Minutes 00:01:23

Approval of minutes from the January 23, 2018 regular meeting.

Approve monthly bills & payroll 00:02:36

Commissioner Zachmeier

#1 00:03:14

Linda Morris/Tax Director - Abatement for Board consideration.

#2 00:05:37

Vicki Lippert/Morton County Treasurer - Designate Depositories and Pledges of Security.

#3 00:08:41

Natalie Pierce/County Planner - Special Use Permit for S&W Portable Storage for approx.10 acres in E1/2 Section 17, Township 139N, Range 83W, Morton County.

#3 00:14:24

Natalie Pierce/County Planner - Final plat of a long-form subdivision known as JBS Industrial Subdivision and a zoning map amendment from Agricultural (A) District and Industrial (I) District to Industrial (I) District for approx.. 15.2 acres in the SW ΒΌ of Section 4, Township 139N, Range 85W, Morton County.

#3 00:20:02

Natalie Pierce/County Planner - Consideration of the Morton County 2045 Comprehensive Plan for adoption.

#4 00:30:35

Kyle Kirchmeier/MC Sheriff - Award RFQ regarding the Morton County Law Enforcement Center Space Study Needs Assessment.

#5 00:38:33

Dawn Rhone/County Auditor - Notice of Resignation of County Engineer.

#6 (Added to the Agenda) 00:41:04

Change period of a safety inspection of a concrete box culvert from 24 months to 48 months.

Motion to Adjourn 00:43:03

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